Online Distribution and Ecomm Elite by Todd Snively

Online Distribution, Inc.

Welcome to Online Distribution, Inc.

We are based in Wixom, Michigan and have been around under various entities since March, 2002.  We maintain our corporate offices at 51229 Century Ct, Wixom, MI 48393 and our warehouse just down the road at 50485 Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI 48393.  Our toll free number is 888-246-5233.

The company originally started out in the distribution of customer returned goods from large retailers such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, QVC, Sears and others.  We would purchase truckloads of these goods at auction, inspect, evaluate, appraise and then list for sale these items on various selling channels such as eBay, Amazon, our own web stores and hundreds of vertical microsites.  We did this with customer returned and overstocked goods until it became clear that the best way to sell products online was to sell brand new products only.  We completely retooled the company with new technology and started to create relationships with US based distribution companies to begin selling name brand products through our online distribution channels.

Eventually we began private labeling products and developed several very successful brands that continue to this day.  We also continue to build our relationships with US based distribution and manufacturing companies, continually launching brands, ours and others, always working to increase the number of products we are able to distribute online.

Ecomm Elite

In early 2015, the President of Online Distribution, Inc., Todd Snively, and the President of ASM Ventures, LLC, Chris Keef, decided that it was time to develop a training program for others that wanted to learn what they feel is the “correct” way of selling online.  Developing online educational programs, and sophisticated software and tools, making them available to people who wanted to earn a living, or even create a small fortune, by selling online.  Todd and Chris launched Ecomm Elite in August of 2015, and like they say, there’s been no looking back.

Todd and Chris at Amazon

Ecomm Elite has quickly been recognized as one of the best ways for someone wanting to learn how to become profitable selling physical products online.  You can read more by clicking on HERE.  Ecomm Elite recently launched a new training program called e90x Ecomm Elite.  This is a special program that is directed to getting someone from zero experience to making substantial profits within 90 days.  Because of all the “gurus” out there pushing easy, push button magic, it’s easy to think this is just another ecomm elite scam, but the ecomm elite reviews tell another story.

One of the things Ecomm Elite tries to do for its membership is to provide tools, software and services that entrepreneurs selling online need.  Todd and Chris believe that there is true economy of scale and a real buying power for a membership like this, and that power should be used.  When there is a need that the membership has, Ecomm Elite will either develop a tool to meet that need, or negotiate a special discounted price for their membership to use an already existing tool.  The programming team at Ecomm Elite is one of the finest US based programming teams you will ever find.  The underlying code is so stable and well built that adding on extra “bells and whistles” is is not only straightforward, but fast and efficient.  This way the Ecomm Elite membership can propose new functionality of the tools and software and Todd and Chris can easily and quickly respond.

Not to mention that Ecomm Elite has one of the highest engaged Facebook communities around.  There are a couple of open groups, but the real magic happens in the secret, closed group that is reserved for Ecomm Elite members only.  Community is very important when you attempting to become good at something.  Learning from others experience is one of those “secret sauce” lessons that seems like common sense, but is often overlooked.

Todd Snively

Todd started in online distribution back in March of 2002.  He has continuously been involved in online marketing ever since.  Todd is the 100% owner of Online Distribution, Inc. headquartered in Wixom, Michigan.  Their warehouse is one of the most high tech, efficient online distribution facilities of its size anywhere in the country.  Because Online Distribution is a multi-channel online seller, all of the software infrastructure is integrated and works together right from inventory management and sending out purchase orders to multi-channel listing management.  Online Distribution provides FBM and FBA inventory management services for online sellers worldwide.  Through their Wholesale Buying Club, Online Distribution allows international entrepreneurs to become large Amazon and eBay sellers without ever having to touch a single product.  There isn’t a day that goes by where Todd isn’t thinking of additional ways to bring more value to his customers and Ecomm Elite Members.  His online distribution strategy is simple, establish as many US based wholesale and manufacturer relationships as possible, and then use the Ecomm Elite proprietary research tools to decide which products to take an inventory position in, and then send in small amounts of those products to the Amazon FBA program.  Once you confirm your research with hard sale numbers, then you simply keep enough stock on hand at Amazon so that you never run out of products, or profits.

Now, in order to accomplish this, effectively, efficiently and profitably, you are going to need the help of a lot of software.  While Amazon is fantastic at providing a marketplace full of engaged buying traffic, they are still a bit behind on providing top notch software, tools and reporting for their sellers.  This is where Ecomm Elite comes in.  You will be able to manage hundreds of thousand of skus with Ecomm Elites software and tools.  You will be able to see net, net profits down to the SKU level.  It is only with this high tech approach to research and inventory management will you be able to grow and scale your ecommerce business.